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Job Fair - Overview

Urban Infra Group, in conjunction with RailTrans Expo 2024 at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi on June 25-26, 2024, is set to host an extensive Job Fair tailored for professionals and entities within the Railways, Metros, Transportation, and Urban Infrastructure sectors. This Job Fair is strategically designed to connect job seekers and employers across various segments within these industries, offering an array of benefits for both parties involved.

For Job Seekers:

  1. Diverse Opportunities: The Job Fair presents an expansive range of job prospects spanning the railways, metros, transportation, and urban infrastructure domains. It welcomes professionals from various disciplines and expertise levels, facilitating opportunities across technical, managerial, administrative, and operational roles.

  2. Direct Interaction: Job seekers can engage directly with renowned companies, EPC firms, manufacturers, service providers, and consultancy agencies within the industry. This direct interaction allows for networking, understanding job roles, and gaining insights into the diverse career paths available.

  3. Access to Key Players: The platform offers the chance to connect with key players, decision-makers, and industry experts. This interaction provides a unique opportunity to understand the industry's dynamics, future prospects, and potential career growth trajectories.

  4. Skill Enhancement and Workshops: Job seekers can benefit from skill enhancement workshops, career guidance sessions, and educational seminars conducted by industry professionals. These resources aim to equip attendees with the requisite knowledge and skills sought after by employers.

  5. Job Application Facilitation: The Job Fair streamlines the application process, offering a centralized platform where attendees can apply for multiple positions and submit resumes directly to participating organizations.

For Employers:

  1. Talent Pool Access: Companies and organizations within the railways, metros, transportation, and urban infrastructure sectors gain access to a pool of qualified and industry-specific talent. This facilitates efficient recruitment processes by connecting them with individuals possessing the desired skill sets.

  2. Diverse Profiles: Employers can explore a diverse range of profiles and skill sets, enabling them to fill vacancies across multiple functional areas, from technical and engineering roles to managerial and administrative positions.

  3. Networking and Brand Visibility: Participation in the Job Fair not only facilitates recruitment but also enhances brand visibility and networking opportunities for participating entities. It allows companies to engage with potential employees, promote their corporate culture, and showcase their growth prospects within the industry.

  4. Efficient Recruitment: The event offers a streamlined recruitment process, enabling companies to conduct on-the-spot interviews, assessments, and evaluations. This expedites the hiring process and ensures prompt identification of suitable candidates.

The RailTrans Expo 2024 Job Fair, hosted by Urban Infra Group, serves as a pivotal platform fostering meaningful connections, career opportunities, and talent acquisition within the railways, metros, transportation, and urban infrastructure sectors.