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Award Categories


I01) Most Exemplary Urban Infra Leader of the Year (for Life Time Achievements)
I02) Most Innovative Urban Infra Leader of the Year
I03) Most Innovative Urban Rail Business Leader of the Year
I04) Most Innovative Urban Infra Business Leader of the Year 
I05) Most Innovative Urban Mobility Business Leader of the Year
I06) Most Innovative Urban E-Mobility Business Leader of the Year
I07) Most Innovative Urban Rail Technology Leader of the Year
I08) Most Innovative Urban Infra Architect of the Year
I09) Most Innovative Urban Infra Planner of the Year
I10) Most Innovative Urban Infra Researcher of the Year
I11) Most Innovative Urban Infra Promoter of the Year
I12) Emerging Urban Infra Man of the Year
I13) Emerging Urban Infra Woman of the Year
I14) Modern Metro Man of the Year
I15) Modern Metro Woman of the Year

(Females can also apply for other category of awards)


Corporates can submit their nominations in the following seven categories/sub-categories:-

City Infrastructure

C16) Excellence in Urban Development
C17) Excellence in Eco-friendly City Development
C18) Excellence in Clean Mobility Development
C19) Excellence in NMT-friendly City Development   
C20) Excellence in Commuter Centric Urban Planning

EPC & Construction

C21) Excellence in Urban Infra Development
C22) Excellence in Rail Infra Development
C23) Excellence in Airports/Stations Development
C24) Excellence in Rail & Metro Construction
C25) Excellence in Engineering Design
C26) Excellence in Safety Audit & Quality Control
C27) Urban Infra EPC Startup of the Year


C28) Most preferred Electric Bus of the Year
C29) Most preferred Electric Car of the Year
C30) Most preferred Electric Two Wheeler of the Year
C31) Most preferred Electric Three Wheeler of the Year
C32) Urban Infra E-Mobility Startup of the Year

Rail & Metro

C33) Most Admired MRTS of the Year
C34) Most Innovative MRTS of the Year
C35) Commuter Centric MRTS of the Year
C36) Eco-friendly MRTS of the Year
C37) Green Mobility Project of the Year
C38) Emerging Metro Operator of the Year
C39) Fast MRTS Project of the Year
C40) Sustainable Mobility Promotor of the Year
C41) Excellence in Indigenous Development 
C42) Excellence in Railway Logistics Solutions
C43) Excellence in Rolling Stock Solutions
C44) Excellence in CBTC & Signaling Solutions
C45) Excellence in Track Solutions
C46) Excellence in AFC Solutions
C47) Excellence in Telecom Solutions
C48) Excellence in Train Radio Solutions
C49) Excellence in Traction & Power Supply Solutions
C50) Excellence in E&M Solutions
C51) Excellence in Passenger Safety Solutions
C52) Excellence in Railway Safety Solutions
C53) Excellence in Fire Safety Solutions
C54) Excellence in HVAC Solutions
C55) Excellence in Ticketing & Payment Solutions
C56) Excellence in IT & Allied Infra Solutions
C57) Excellence in IoT & AI-based Solutions
C58) Excellence in Cyber Security Solutions
C59) Excellence in Breaks & Connectors Solutions
C60) Excellence in Calibration & Measuring Equipment Solutions
C61) Excellence in Railway M&P Solutions
C62) Excellence in Automatic Doors Solutions
C63) Excellence in Steel Component Solutions
C64) Excellence in ACP & Façade Solutions
C65) Excellence in Track Fastener Solutions
C66) Excellence in PIDS/PAS Solutions

Transit & Mobility

C67) Most Innovative Micro Mobility Company of the Year
C68) Most Innovative Mobility App of the year
C69) Most Innovative Ropeway & Pods Company of the Year
C70) Most Preferred Bus Transit System of the Year
C71) Most Innovative Mobility Startup of the Year

PMC & Consultancy

C72) Most Preferred Consultancy for Urban Infra sectors
C73) Excellence in Project Management & Consultancy

Urban Logistics

C74) Most Preferred Urban Logistics Company of the Year
C75) Excellent in Urban Infra Logistics Solutions